Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beer Review #23

5% Alcohol/ Volume
Big Rock Brewery
American Pale Wheat Ale

Appearance: In the glass this beer is a nice gold color,
                    maybe a shade closer to orange than just
                    gold. Smells clean with sweet and fruity
                    notes, also a subtle hint of grass
                    Score 3.5/5

Taste: On the tounge it is a nice beer, soft, slightly sweet
          with a pleasant grassy body. There is a slight
          lingering yeast flavor present, but it does not
          take away from the beer. Try a slice of lemon or
          lime to cut the yeast if that is not your thing.
                                               Score: 3/5

Mouthfeel: Grasshopper is well balanced, crisp and light. The sweet up
                 front taste is nicely chased with a mild bitterness.
                 Score 4/5

Beer Type:  American Pale wheat ales are meant to be pale in color, light on
                   carbonation, low to mild bitterness and light on the tounge.
                   Grasshopper meets most of these requirements fairly well, but
                   strays a bit on color and carbonation
                   Score 3/5

Drinkability: It is a nice beer, very drinkable, in the summer on a hot day or
                   with some friends in minus 40 wishing it was summer. Nice and
                   light, wont way you down, or overload the taste buds.
                   Score 4/5

Score: 17.5/25  I have found Big Rock to make good beer that are tasty,
                         refreshing and affordable. If you like to try something a
                         little different a choice from Big Rock is a safe bet.