Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beer Review #22

Noble Pilsner
4.9% Alcohol/ Volume
Sam Adam's
Czech Pilsner

Appearance: Pours a nice clear gold
                    color. Has a fine short
                    lasting head. My wife
                    says she can smell peach.
                    Score 4/5

Taste: Starts with a  little sweet hint of flavor that leaves fast to a nice clean
          beer flavor.
          Score: 4/5

Mouthfeel: This beer is nice soft and crisp. It finishes semi-dry with a hint of
                 yeast, and isn't bitter.

Beer Type: This one hits it right on the head. Czech Pilsner are meant to be
                  what this beer is, Gold, clear, smooth, crisp and yeasty. This
                  truly is a Noble Pilsner.
                  Score 5/5

Drinkability: This is my first experience with Sam Adam's beer and if this is
                   how all the others are I am excited to try some more! You can
                   drink quiet a bit of these fine brews and come back for more.
                   Score 5/5

Score: 22/25 Sam Adam's will always be welcome in my fridge, and this one
                     is definitely one would recommend trying.

Beer Review #21

4.6% Alcohol/Volume
Raastred Bryghus
Czech Pilsner

Appearance: Pours to a nice yellow gold color with a
                    slightly frothy head. Oddly cloudy with a
                    light citrus smell.
                    Score 2/5

Taste: On first taste I found it light with a citrus taste.
          Nothing much else to report other than a nice
          mild beer.
          Score 3.5/5

Mouthfeel: Nice soft bubbles, very light with a crisp semi
                                            dry finish that was just a little bitter.
                                            Score 4/5

 Beer Type: Czech Pilsner are traditionally smooth, crisp, and clean on the
                   pallet. They are also meant to be crystal clear, which this beer is not.

Drinkability: Raasted Pilsner is pleasant, refreshing and light. It is simple and
                   ordinary which makes it easy to drink. Also for the price of
                   shipping it from Denmark where it is made it is still reasonable.
                   Score: 5/5

Scoring: 17.5/25 Nice small European import that can bridge the gap from
                          big name domestic beer to high end Micro-brews.

Beer Review #20

 Premium Verum
 4.8% Alcohol/Volume
 German Pilsner

Appearance: Pours with a small foamy head, that goes
                    down to a thin white ring. It is a nice pale
                    gold color. It has the usual beer smell with
                    a nice hint of citrus.
                    Score 3/5

 Taste: This was a unique one. The first sip I tasted the
           citrus and then was smashed in the face with
           bitterness, and then the bitterness faded and
           the citrus returned. The next sip however the
           bitterness wasn't there. Overal it was a sweet
                                          beer with mild flavor.
                                          Score 3/5

Mouthfeel: It had a sharp but soft carbonation. The beer then showed a flash
                 of good flavor that fizzled to a crisp and dry finish.
                 Score 3/5

Beer Type: German Pilsners are one of the oldest beer on the planet. The beer
                  itself is meant to be straw to gold in color, have a dense rich head,
                  with a spicy/floral aroma and flavor. German Pilsners are also meant
                  to be a bit course on the pallet with a flash of citrus and be very
                  bitter.  Verum covers the flash of citrus, the color and the head,
                  but lacks the spicy floral or the bitterness. I do however like the
                  lack of bitterness.
                  Score 4/5

Drinkability: I find this one a lot like big name domestic beer there is nothing
                   special about it. I did find it was better part way through the beer.
                   Its price is reasonable to let you drink 1 or many.
                   Score 4/5

Scoring:  17/25 It is an alright beer. Nothing super special,but not too out there for
               less adventurous type.

Beer Reveiw #19

Tyskie Gronie
5.5% Alcohol/Volume
Tyskie Browary
Euro Pale Ale

Appearance: Poured into a glass it forms a nice head and
                    that dissipates down to a thin ring. The beer
                    itself is a brilliant gold and very clear. I smell
                    bread and yeast, however my wife smells citrus
                    and grass.
                    Score: 4/5

Taste: At first I taste the citrus that my wife smelled, like the
          beer was sprayed with a lemon wedge.  The citrus
          gives way to a  bready beer that reminds me of
          sourdough bread.
          Score: 2.5

Mouthfeel: It is a very active bubbles that are soft and mild. The beer is nice on
                 the tongue and finishes a little dry. As it finishes the beer is just a little
                 bitter, but it isn't overpowering.

Beer Type:  Euro Pale Ale are meant to be about 4-6% alc/vol, have moderate
                   bitterness, be sweet and have hop flavor. Tyskie is moderatly bitter
                   sweet, and falls in the alcohol range.
                   Score 3.5/5

Drinkability:  First off this is a Polish beer, and is decently priced for an import.
                    I don't find it overly refreshing, or interesting. However it does cross
                    another country off the list, its just not a beer to write home about.
                    Score 3/5

Scoring 16/25 Slightly better than average. It would be one I would recommend
                       to give a try to see if it is something you would enjoy.