Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beer Review Guide

First off I will explain the process of the beer review.
Each beer will be reviewed with five things in mind

1. Appearance - When poured into a glass what does the beer look like? Its
                          color, head and its general drinking appeal. There will be an
                          extra point rewarded for uniqueness of label or bottle.
                          Scored out of 5 Points

2. Taste - This is basically the first sip of beer. It includes initial reaction and
                smell. Is the beer's taste pleasant or overpowering?
                Scored out of 5 Points

3. Mouth feel - The second and larger drink of beer. the beer is aloud to spend
                       some time on the tongue. It takes in all aspects of the beer.
                       Bitterness, flavor, aftertaste,weight and carbonation.
                       Scored out of 5 Points

4.Beer Type - This is the true quality of the beer. Does it match the guidelines for
                       its type of beer. Does it vary from its type in a way that is good
                       or bad?
                       Scored out of 5 Points.

5. Drink-ability - Is the beer easy to drink? When would be best to enjoy the
                          beer? How does the beer's cost factor into the beer. Does the
                          flavor increase the beers drink-ability? Most importantly, would
                          you drink the beer again?
                         Scored out of 5 Points.

Scoring  0-10  This one is one you should avoid at all cost no matter the price.
             11-15 Not the best beer in the world but not the worst for sure.
                       You could do a lot worse!
             16-19 Slightly better beer than average. It would be one i would try in larger
                        quantities, like at the lake or a sporting event.
             20-24 These beer are worth the cost.(probably because they are
                        expensive. Good to share and drink for flavor.
                   25 If this beer exists I would recommend not sharing, and having
                        a small stash stowed away for the next time you really need
                        to celebrate.

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