Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beer Review # 26

5.2% Alcohol/Volume
Okanagan Springs Brewery
American Pale Lager

Appearance: Pours into the glass a light tea color, brass perhaps? Has a nice ring of head and smells fruity and tangy with a hint of orange. This is of course due to the extra hops!
Score 3/5

Taste: The orange smell quickly turns to lemon on the tongue, and finishes a bit bready and yeasty.
Score 2.5/5

Mouthfeel: Very bitter! Strong bitterness. Did I mention it was bitter? Out side of the bitterness it is light with a nice amouont of carbonation. After a few more drinks of the beer the bitterness lowers to a more appropriate level, so dont give up after one drink.
Score 2/5

Beer Type: American Pale Lagers are described as being all malt, yellow and fizzy, with a complex bitterness.  Well this one sure got the bitterness! Id say this one specifically is all hop.
Score 2/5

Drinkability: The bitterness is really what ruins the beer for me. It reminds me of an ESB (extra special bitter) a type of beer meant to give you that over the top bitter taste. Also I think it wasn't crisp enough to be enjoyed on a hot day. Old style pilsner drinkers may enjoy this one however.
Score 2/5

Score 11/20 I have tried to say something good about this beer, but if you do not like a bitter beer it is not for you. If that's your thing you will certainly be in heaven with this brew!

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