Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beer Review #21

4.6% Alcohol/Volume
Raastred Bryghus
Czech Pilsner

Appearance: Pours to a nice yellow gold color with a
                    slightly frothy head. Oddly cloudy with a
                    light citrus smell.
                    Score 2/5

Taste: On first taste I found it light with a citrus taste.
          Nothing much else to report other than a nice
          mild beer.
          Score 3.5/5

Mouthfeel: Nice soft bubbles, very light with a crisp semi
                                            dry finish that was just a little bitter.
                                            Score 4/5

 Beer Type: Czech Pilsner are traditionally smooth, crisp, and clean on the
                   pallet. They are also meant to be crystal clear, which this beer is not.

Drinkability: Raasted Pilsner is pleasant, refreshing and light. It is simple and
                   ordinary which makes it easy to drink. Also for the price of
                   shipping it from Denmark where it is made it is still reasonable.
                   Score: 5/5

Scoring: 17.5/25 Nice small European import that can bridge the gap from
                          big name domestic beer to high end Micro-brews.

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