Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beer Review #20

 Premium Verum
 4.8% Alcohol/Volume
 German Pilsner

Appearance: Pours with a small foamy head, that goes
                    down to a thin white ring. It is a nice pale
                    gold color. It has the usual beer smell with
                    a nice hint of citrus.
                    Score 3/5

 Taste: This was a unique one. The first sip I tasted the
           citrus and then was smashed in the face with
           bitterness, and then the bitterness faded and
           the citrus returned. The next sip however the
           bitterness wasn't there. Overal it was a sweet
                                          beer with mild flavor.
                                          Score 3/5

Mouthfeel: It had a sharp but soft carbonation. The beer then showed a flash
                 of good flavor that fizzled to a crisp and dry finish.
                 Score 3/5

Beer Type: German Pilsners are one of the oldest beer on the planet. The beer
                  itself is meant to be straw to gold in color, have a dense rich head,
                  with a spicy/floral aroma and flavor. German Pilsners are also meant
                  to be a bit course on the pallet with a flash of citrus and be very
                  bitter.  Verum covers the flash of citrus, the color and the head,
                  but lacks the spicy floral or the bitterness. I do however like the
                  lack of bitterness.
                  Score 4/5

Drinkability: I find this one a lot like big name domestic beer there is nothing
                   special about it. I did find it was better part way through the beer.
                   Its price is reasonable to let you drink 1 or many.
                   Score 4/5

Scoring:  17/25 It is an alright beer. Nothing super special,but not too out there for
               less adventurous type.

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