Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beer Review #2

Lucky Lager
4% Alcohol/Volume
Brewed By Labatt Canada
Style : American Adjunct Lager

 Appearance: Burnt Yellow almost soft Golden color. Oddly
                     small amount of bubbles in the glass.
                                           Score 2/5

                       Taste: Slight flavor, almost seems slightly watered down.
                                 Had no after taste and was not bitter at all.
                                 Score 2/5

                        Mouthfeel :  All in all it is a very mild beer, with little to no
                                           Flavor at all. Soft and very light.
                                           Score 3/5

                        Beer Style: American Adjunct Lagers are meant to be light
                                          bodied, low on bitterness and small on flavor.
                                          Lucky Lager is pretty plain Jane. However
                                         the extra low carbonation cost it some points.
                                         Score 2/5

                         Drinkability: Watered down, goes down smooth and painless
                                           this beer could easily be a light beer. Personal
                                           opinion is it is meant to be drank for enjoyment
                                           not flavor. Cost helps drinkability as it is a low
                                           cost lager.
                                           Score 4/5

                       Scoring 13/25 Not the best beer in the world but not the worst
                                             for sure. You could do a lot worse!

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