Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beer Review #14

Rickard's Red
5.2% Alcohol/Volume
Molson Breweries
American Red/Amber

Appearance: Of course this beer pours a hearty rust Red,
                    with a good amount of foamy head. The tiny
                    active bubbles make it quite attractive beer.
                    Score 4/5

Taste: A nice balanced flavor of spice, semi sweet yet mild caramel. Pleasant
          to the tongue and seems soft and light.
          Score 4/5

Mouthfeel: Starts to get a little heavy after a drink or two. It has a nice mild
                 carbonation with bit of a bite at the end. The dry finish makes it
                 rather refreshing.
                 Scoring 3/5

Beer Type: American amber/Red Ales are a balanced beer, with toasted malt
                 characters and a light fruitiness. Rickard's Red has the toast, and is
                 very balanced, but lacks anything to push it from the middle of the
                Scoring 3/5

Drinkability: It first tried this beer in a pub, and I think that is its home. Its a
                   great pub brew, with some wings or salt. Nice to take one home
                   but not one id take to the lake.
                   Scoring 4/5

Scoring 18/25 Slightly beer than average. It would be one I would try in larger
                       quantities with some friends at a pub.

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