Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beer Review #11

Old Milwaukee
5% Alcohol/Volume
Sleeman Breweries
American Adjunct Lager

Appearance: Pours with a decent head
                    that lasts. Nice clear straw
                    yellow color that is very
                    clear and has many active
                    Score 3/5

Taste: I was leery of this particular beer because of its "old time beer" attitude.
          A can that has girls on the side must mean the beer is terrible. However
          I was very surprised.  Old Milwaukee has a mild taste that is very clean
          Scoring 3/5

Mouthfeel: The second try of the beer was much the same as the first. It was
                 not bitter, the carbonation was light and the bubbles did not sting
                 the tongue and no aftertaste was to be found.
                 Scoring 3/5

Beer type: I really feel that this is the beer that all other American adjunct
                lagers will be measured up to. The style of beer is not meant to
                be one you'd drink for flavor or for class. Its one you drink to
                enjoy a refreshing beer, and then have six more.
                Scoring 5/5

Drinkability: Easy drinking, mild and light. Exactly what a good drinking beer
                   should be. Good for watching the game, beer pong, or out at the
                   lake. The lower price helps too!
                   Score 4/5

Scoring: 18/25  Slightly beer than average. It would be one I would try in larger
                        quantities, like at the lake or a sporting event.

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