Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beer Review# 15

Lion's Winter Ale
5.5% Alcohol/Volume
Granville Island Breweries
Winter Warmer

Appearance: Dark red and clear, like strong tea.
                    Smells sweet, but cant identify exactly,
                    perhaps maple?Ginger?
                    Scoring 4/5

Taste: Sweet, like flat root beer, lots of vanilla, some cinnamon,and
          spices. Super low on bitterness. Makes me think of chirstmas
          or a cold winter's day.
          Scoring 4/5

Mouthfeel: So subtlety soft carbonation,still tastes of vanilla, and not
                 bitter at all. Very mellow, with good weight.
                 Scoring 4/5

Beer Type: Winter warmers are meant to be sweet, not bitter, well balanced
                  and can be very boozy. This one fits the bill very well but i think
                  they could of added a little more to alcohol level to really warm
                  up the beer.
                  Scoring 4/5

Drinkability: Strong flavor, and slight weight of this beer will limit it quantities of
                   this one I could drink at one time, but for the intended style I think
                   it is really great.
                  Scoring 4/5

Scoring: 20/25 These beer are worth the cost.(in this case its not much on the
                        expensive side). Good to share and drink for flavor.

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