Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beer Review #4

Alexander Keith India Pale Ale
 5%  Alcohol/ Volume
Labatt Breweries
Style: English India Pale Ale

Appearance: India Pale Ale indeed. Pale gold in color.
                    Clear yet plain, not overly pleasant but
                    not overly off putting either.
                    Score 3/5

Taste: Comes off pleasant, not bitter and takes a wait for a mild aftertaste.
          Has a slight oak taste.
          Score 3/5

Mouthfeel: Strong carbonation but not overpowering. Has mild bitterness a slight
                 aftertaste that is very acceptable
                 Score 4/5

Beer Style: This style of beer was brewed in england and sent to the troops in
                  India, hence India pale ale. Traditionally it was brewed to about
                  9% and then watered down to give to the troops. Generally
                  tasted of malt and hops. Alexander Keith IPA does a decent
                  job of it.
                  Score 3/5

Drinkability: Average beer  that could be enjoyed all year round. Winter or
                   summer. I think it would be a 5 Point beer if it was either
                   brewed to a stronger alcohol content or maybe slightly
                   watered down, like the soldiers got.
                  Score 4/5

Scoring 17/25 Slightly beer than average. It would be one i would try in larger
                      quantities, like at the lake or a sporting event.

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