Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beer Review # 16

Pale Ale
5.2% Alcohol/Volume
Little Creatures Brewing
American Pale Ale

Appearance: Soft red/orange in color. Tangerine
                    if I had to give it a name. Decent
                    amount of bubble action, and smells
                    of mandarin oranges.
                    Score 4/5

Taste: Ive never had an Australian beer before, so i was excited for a unique
          flavor. Sweet, a little fruity flavor with a nice dry, but not a bitter finish.
         One of the best first drinks of beer Ive ever had.
         Scoring 5/5

Mouthfeel:  I was happy this beer was so soft and smooth. The carbonation
                  was nice and balanced much like the flavors. The bitterness of
                  this beer I found came in the middle and then finished nice
                  and dry.
                  Scoring 4/5

Beer Type: The British versions of this beer are meant to be buttery and malty,
                  while the American Versions are mean to be crisp and clean.
                  Since this one is from Australia I think the balance between the
                  two is a perfect match
                  Score 5/5

Drinkability: Smooth, light and great taste. Would be a staple in my fridge
                   if it wasn't INSANELY expensive. At $20 a 6 pack price is
                   this beer's only flaw.
                   Score 3.5/5

Scoring: 21.5/25 This beer is worth the cost for the flavor and balance.
                          One I would recommend but not one to share.

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