Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beer Review #6

Innis & Gunn Original
6.6% Alcohol/volume
Style: English Pale Ale

Appearance:Browned Honey in color. Clear and
                   forms a nice head when poured into
                   a glass. Seems very inviting and
                   Score 4/5

Taste:  Tastes sweet, slight caramel taste as well of hints of oak and spice.
           Reminds me of a honey brown beer.
           Score 4/5

Mouthfeel: Spicy, Cinnamon and nutmeg. The beer is lightly sweet with a
                 noticeably light higher alcohol taste. The higher alcohol is
                 hidden really well and maintains its nice smoothness. The beer
                 has a little extra weight to it with an almost buttery thickness.
                 Score 4/5

Beer Type:  This type of beer uses hard water which helps with the clarity as
                   well as enhancing the hop bitterness. This ale can be from golden
                   to reddish amber in color. A mix of fruity, hoppy, earthy, buttery
                   and malty aromas and flavors can be found. Innis and Gunn did
                   an amazing job with this beer. Improving on the style enough to
                   hide the expected extra bitterness.
                   Scoring 5/5

Drinkability: This is about the only part of the whole review that i have anything
                   bad to say. Due to its high flavor, and price (mid-high) Innis & Gunn
                   Original is not overly drinkable. 3-4 beer maximum.
                    Score 3/5

Scoring 20/25 This beer is worth the cost.Good to beer share and drink for flavor.

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