Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beer Review # 7

Blanche De Chambly
5% Alcohol/volume
Unibroue Breweries
Style: Belgian white Beer (Witbier)

Appearance: Cloudy orange gold when poured into a
                    glass. Good amount of head and lots of
                    carbonation. Looks very tasty.
                    Score: 4/5

 Taste: This beer was a surprise to me. I have had white beers before and they
           weren't all that good. This one was off the charts. Semi sweet taste,
           with hints of citrus, mostly orange.
           Score 4/5

Mouthfeel: Champagne like bubbles make this beer super light. A small amount of
                 bitterness, smooth and has a very mellow taste.
                 Score 4/5
Beer Type: Witbier are meant to be exactly what this beer is. Cloudy, pale,
                  orange and spice flavors, with decent carbonation.
                  Score 4/5

Drinkability: For the large amount of flavor this beer is very drinkable. Easy to
                   drink enjoyable and refreshing. I found the 750ml bottle I
                   sampled was gone too fast.
                  Score 5/5

Scoring 21/25 This beer is worth the cost.Good to beer share and savor for

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  1. Good amount of head..... ha

    PS: In Canada, its spelled flavoUR!

    Nice review! I might make Dustin try this next time we come up!

    Somehow I removed my post that said the same thing :s