Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beer Review #17

Chimay Blue Cap (Grand Reserve)
9% Alcohol/Volume
Bieres de Chimay (Abbay Notre Dame de Scourmont)
Belgian Strong Ale 

Appearance: A large amount of rich creamy foam
                    floats on top of a dark opaque beer.
                   The color reminds me of new oil. Looks
                   much thicker than it is. Smells a little of 
                  Score 4/5

Taste: Holy booze Batman! I guess the 9% is very prominent in the 
          taste. Its followed by a little sweetness. I tasted caramel and
          sweet molasses, my wife on the other hand said it had no 
          flavor, but more on that later.
          Scoring: 4.5/5

Mouthfeel: Soft but heavy like a brick. This one would weigh you 
                 down fast. There is a little more of a yeast flavor and  
                 a mild bitter finish.
                 Scoring: 3.5/5

Beer Type: One of the main qualities of a Belgian Strong ale is 
                  it is meant to be complex. So when I tasted molases
                  and my wife tasted nothing, I feel this is just the 
                  complexity of the beer. They are also supposed to 
                  either taste of fruit, caramel, or spice, and be very
                  heavy on the booze content.
                  Score 4/5

Drinkability: This one is definitely a beer that is a treat for me.
                   Its boozy and very heavy, so it would only be maybe
                   one or two beer, before I would be done. A bit pricey
                   but its uniqueness and specialty make it one to at 
                   least try once. 
                   Score 3.5/5

Scoring  19.5/25  Drink beer for flavor? This one would be one
                            for everyone who likes something new and 

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