Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beer Review #18

Molson M
4.9% Alcohol/Volume
Molson Breweries
American Adjunct Lager

Appearance: Clear and straw yellow in color.
                     I guess the tiny bubbles are what
                     makes it micro-carbonated. They
                     are very active and very small.
                     Score 3/5

Taste: Thin on the flavor for sure. It wasn't bitter and has a pleasant aftertaste.
          Despite all the bubbles in the glass I would say it was flat.
          Score 3/5

Mouthfeel: It is a very light beer. I could drink more than a few and not feel
                 weighed down or bloated.  The bubbles are soft and small so it
                 makes the beer feel like it is flat. In spite of the flat feeling the beer
                 is very crisp and smooth. All I can say about it is that it feels flat,
                 but in a good way.
                 Score: 4/5

Beer Type: Again this is the most popular style of beer so it is meant to be
                 pretty boring. Thin on taste and fizzy. Molson M does a good
                 job of this, even if it feels flat.
                 Score 4/5

Drinkability: This one is good because it wont weigh you down. The worst thing
                   about most beer is you feel bloated after more than one. This beer
                   was designed to remedy this. It has a smooth mild taste which
                   makes it good for any occasion or beer drinker.
                   Score 5/5

Scoring 19/25 This beer will be on the market in Alberta this week (Feb 25)
                       I suggest everyone give it a try. Its one of the most unique 
                       mainstream beer Ive tried.

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