Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beer Review #10

Corona Extra
4.6% Alcohol/Volume
Grupo Modelo
American Adjunct Lager

Appearance: Pour to a flat clear pale yellow color.
                    Just that right color were it was very 
                    unappealing to the eye.
                    Score: 2/5

Taste: The traditional malt taste of  beer was about its only defining thing about
          this beer. Must be why they add lime to it. It was very flat and had a
          mild bitter finish
          Score 2/5

Mouthfeel: Light Mild carbonation with a minimal aftertaste. Lacks flavor.
                 Score 2/5

Beer Type: Was surprised at the malt taste. Most American adjunct lagers
                  are low malt. Maybe this is Mexico's take on it. Lacked
                  good carbonation as well.
                  Score 2/5

Drinkability: I will say this about corona, on a hot day you could fly through
                   the case. Goes down nicer than water and with a wedge of lime
                   it would be very drinkable. Easy drinking and lack of strong
                   flavor makes it a good drinking beer.
                   Score 4/5

Scoring 12/25 Not the best beer in the world but not the worst for sure.
                        You could do a lot worse!

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